How to Delete Facebook Pages

How To Delete Facebook Pages - Running a Facebook page can be a terrific means to advertise our business as well as connect with fans, but with increasingly more interaction in private Facebook groups, as well as some pretty big changes taking place to your Facebook news feed, it's becoming a great deal more difficult to effectively run a Facebook page.

If you have actually determined to bypass your Facebook page for a different method to reach your target market, or if you're moving in a new direction with your profession, getting rid of that Facebook page is a luckily pain-free procedure.

How To Delete Facebook Pages

To erase a Facebook page you have actually created for your business browse to that page and do the following:

- Click Settings at the top of the page.
- Scroll down to the really last choice under General - Remove page - and click Edit.

- Click the link to erase your page.
- In the popup window that opens click Delete page.
- You must see a message confirming that your page has actually gone into removal mode.

There are a few points to keep in mind:

- You have 14 days to change your mind. If you decide you don't wish to erase your page you could restore it by mosting likely to the page prior to both week period finishes as well as clicking Cancel Deletion.

- If you want to provide yourself a break from running a Facebook page however do not wish to erase it totally, you can unpublish it so only admins can see it. You will certainly also not lose your followers if you do this.

How you can unpublish your page without removing it

If you aren't particular whether you want to permanently remove your page, you can "unpublish" it (make it private so just page admins can view it).

Here's how:

Log in to the Facebook page you administer.

Click "Settings" in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

Find the "page Visibility" setup (it's the 2nd one), as well as click the pencil symbol to modify.

Click the "Unpublish page" radio button and afterwards click "Save Changes".

Have you chosen to remove your Facebook page? Are you intending on focusing your social networks efforts somewhere else? Allow us understand all about it in the comments.