Add Pdf to Facebook

Add Pdf To Facebook: Facebook teams allow group members to upload files such as PDF and also DOCX documents, yet there is no choice for you to submit a document in a regular article in a Facebook profile. As a workaround, transform the PDF File to a photo using the File conversion tool in applications such as Adobe Acrobat or GIMP and post the File as a photo.

Add Pdf To Facebook


Upload a PDF File to a Facebook Group

Action 1: Log into your Facebook account and locate the Groups area on the left sidebar. Choose one of your teams. In this instance, the team is called "Share your wisdom."

Step 2: Click the Add File tab in the post editing section.

Action 3: Click the Pick File button to submit a PDF File from your computer system.

Step 4: Browse to the PDF File you want to post to your Facebook team and also click Open.

Tip 5: Note that the PDF File shows up in the blog post editing box and also click Post to release your post.

Convert a PDF File to a Photo to Post to Facebook with GIMP

Step 1: Open up the PDF File you intend to post to your Facebook account in GIMP. Click Export As in the File menu.

Action 2: Select a picture File kind, such as PNG, as well as call the File. Click Export.

Step 3: Leave the default selections in the Export Photo as PNG home window as well as click Export. The image can now be posted as an attachment in any type of Facebook post.