How to Hide Post On Facebook

How To Hide Post On Facebook - Often when your browsing your Facebook profile you can mistakenly hide a post. Later on you desire it back in your timeline but you have no idea how you can do it. It is truly simple to bring back that post. When your still in your profile and also not taking place any page yet.

You could still see this "This post is now hidden from your timeline. Reverse" you just should hit the undo button and also it will certainly be back in your timeline. But what if you already navigate on a few other pages. In this situation you will not have an option to undo the hidden post. You just have to follow the instructions listed below to put back the hidden post in your timeline:

How To Hide Post On Facebook

Hide Unhide Post: Unhide Recommendations

1. On your Facebook account most likely to Activity Log.
2. On the left side search for" Post you have actually Hideed" Click on it.
3. You will certainly see all the listing of the post that you've Hideed.
4. On the post that you intend to unhide on your timeline you will certainly see a circle with a slant line on the best side of it.
Click it and select "Allowed on timeline".
5. That's it.

Hide Unhide Post: Hide Directions

Usually, hiding a post from your web page will certainly remove it from your face publication timeline. People will certainly not have the ability to see it there. Though if the post you opt to Hide had actually been formerly shared, it will certainly still show up to individuals it was shared with. Keep in mind that images you hide from your timeline are still noticeable when people see your Photos see.

1. Hoover your cursor on your pages timeline.
2. Click the tick( check mark) that appears in the upper-right edge.
3. Select Hide from Page

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