Facebook Banner Size Template

Facebook Banner Size Template - A Facebook cover photo can be seen by anybody visiting your web page, no matter if they like your page, or if they are logged in/ from Facebook.
Are you using Facebook for your service? Do you have to update your existing Facebook page with a cover picture? Comply with these easy tips for a reliable Facebook cover photo.

Facebook Banner Size Template

1. Dimension: The graphic should be 851 pixels broad by 315 pixels high. If you post a smaller picture, it will certainly obtain stretched to fit those measurements-- which can result in a poor screen. Distorted photos = negative branding.

2. Resolution: If you're utilizing a photo or a graphic with several colors, make certain to save it as an JPG and also try keeping it under 100KB. If you're using simply a couple of colors, you could save it as PNG for a great, crisp appearance. Exactly what are JPG's & PNG's and how do you make one? Well, if that's a little from your ballpark, please contact me.

3. Submit Configuration: Keep in mind that the profile image will overlap the cover photo on the left hand size. When creating the graphic, make sure not to have any type of message or vital parts of a picture in that location, as it will certainly look less than professional if something is cut off.

4. Layout: Communicate something unique concerning your Page/ service utilizing elements from your branding. Remember that covers can be transformed, and also changing them bent on connect to an occasion, time of year or change in your company is a good idea.

Right here's a valuable visuals in order to help you visualize on how you can arrangement a Facebook cover picture

Examples of Facebook cover photos

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