I Want to Hide My Birthday On Facebook

I Want To Hide My Birthday On Facebook - Today we are going to educate you the best ways to conceal your birthday as well as age on Facebook. You can have a number of reasons to do it, such as stopping individuals from knowing your exact age or stopping Facebook from notifying your good friends of your birthday celebration.

Far too many people have their full birth date presented for every person to see on Facebook. Considering most protection inquiry include your date of birth, this suggests many people are permitting scammers accessibility to this details conveniently. I wish you are not one of these individuals. If you locate that you are this is how you transform things.

Directly, I have my day and also month of my birthday on screen for Friends to see and I enjoy getting birthday greetings, yet I have concealed my year of birth.

I Want To Hide My Birthday On Facebook

The best ways to Conceal Your Birthday On Facebook
Right here's how you can alter your birthday from being on public display.

1. Go to your Profile

2. Click the About Tab (See below).

3. Click on the Contact and Basic Information which can be found in the left column.

4. Hover of the date of birth as well as click on the Edit button.

5. Choose the date of birth and year of birth privacy setup that makes you really feel comfortable.

Had not been that simple to hide your birthday celebration on Facebook?

finally, we hope this overview is helpful to Conceal Your Birthday Celebration On Facebook. Please share it with your good friends. We would certainly also love to hear your responses in the comment area below.