How to View Facebook Videos

In this write-up, we will show you on How To View Facebook Videos on your Android smartphone with these 3 basic tips!
Last time when I had to check my uploaded videos on Facebook app on my Android smartphone, the video were nowhere to be found.

I remember, it has "Videos" album when you most likely to your Facebook Image albums. So where are they now?

Well, I check it utilizing desktop computer PC then go to my Account > Images > Album then there you have it. It has the "Videos" album. But why can't I see it on Facebook application utilizing Android smartphone?

The response is, I don't know. Actually!
But I have done a miniature research and I locate people whining the same concern as me. I have found that Facebook team does not appreciate these grumbles so what we do now?

Well, I have found 3 solutions or 3 suggestions to see Facebook uploaded video on your Android phone and I will share it with you. So here it is!

How To View Facebook Videos

See Facebook published video on your Android
#1: Making Use Of Facebook App
Allow's start initially using their application. So as you could see, we can not see our uploaded video in Photos > Album when utilizing the Facebook app. Nonetheless, to see the video:

1. Just look your name in the search bar
2. Then click "video" tab under it. There you can see your video.

3. You can additionally add the word "videos" after your name. So the outcome will resemble this:
4. Just click "SEE ALL" or "video" and also you will discover your uploaded video.

5. You could also use this to search videos of your buddy. Just input " video" and you ought to locate it.

#2: Using Browser
In this technique, you can attempt any kind of browser however I utilize google chrome so here it is:

1. Open up chrome. Type then login.
2. Go to your account after that click "Around" page.

3. Scroll down a bit and also you will find "video" section after images. Click it.

4. After you click it, you will certainly locate all of your uploaded video along with the video that you're identified in.
5. Easy right?

#3: Develop your very own Video album
This last pointer will certainly not likely your bet however when you do this, you will discover your uploaded videos on that album when you go to images making use of Facebook app. Say goodbye to searches!

Just produce your very own video album then post all of your future video there. Seriously! I already tried it as well as it functioned.

Into you!
With all of this 3 suggestions, you must be able to discover your old as well as brand-new uploaded videos on Facebook. With all the whines, Facebook ought to fix this problem today. Why is it difficult for them to fix this anyway?

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