Can You Delete Messages From Facebook

Removing messages on Facebook is not as easy as removing your email, as Facebook plans to maintain your conversation background in Messages and Facebook Chat undamaged. Can You Delete Messages From Facebook

To delete messages on Facebook, you will certainly have to open the specific message, most likely to choices and begin choosing the message you want to remove. If you have lots of messages, the procedure can be really taxing. Otherwise, you could just remove the messages from the message listing, yet doing this will certainly not eliminate the message permanently. Rather it will be archived, and will certainly reappear when the person sends you a new message.

This tutorial clarifies ways to delete specific discussions or messages in the Facebook Messenger app.

This procedure relates to iOS, Windows Phone, and also Android

Can You Delete Messages From Facebook

Remove a Conversation in Facebook Messenger
Open the Facebook Messenger app, as well as find the conversation that you 'd like to erase. Touch the Food selection button, and then select the Delete choice:

A discussion box reading, Delete This Whole Discussion? will be displayed. Touch the Erase discussion alternative to confirm your choice:

The discussion string will certainly be erased in its totality.

Remove a Message in Facebook Messenger
Open the Facebook Messenger application, as well as choose the desired conversation.

Hold your finger down on the message that you 'd like to delete up until a little menu is displayed. Select Erase from the menu options:

A discussion box analysis, Erase Message? will be presented. Touch the Delete message choice to validate your selection:

The message will be deleted from the discussion.

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